Not the intended plan

We’re a full week into summer vacation and life seems to have turned upside down around here. I had sincere intentions of keeping a somewhat similar schedule to that of the school year, but this first week has come and gone in a whirl and we’ve lost all sense of schedule. I’ve decided to let it go… for now!

Landon found an injured moth…everyone needed a good look, of course!

I always do a summer “homeschool” to keep their skills fresh. We’ve managed to get started already despite the chaos, and they are doing very well. The girls are doing preschool stuff (cutting, tracing, letter identification) and they’re LOVING it! They’re anxious to learn, and I’m already identifying different learning styles between them. This will be interesting as we progress. The boys are doing math review (basic skills) right now. During the school year I photocopy worksheets and other stuff they’re working on and save it for review in the summer. I didn’t keep as much as I’d intended, but we’re starting with what I have and I plan to find plenty of my own material when they get through it. I also have them keep a summer journal to record our activities and to keep them writing. I usually give them a topic or choice of topics, and I always review for proper grammar and punctuation. I also ask them to write neatly. Their journals are pretty funny. I love reading their thoughts about stuff, and although I have an eduacational goal in mind for them, I do believe I will keep and cherish these journals forever.I usually intend on throwing in some other fun science and social studies stuff over the summer when it fits in. And last, but absolutely not least, we read. A lot. I read to them and they read independently for about 30 minutes a day. I haven’t picked the books I’ll be reading to them yet, but I have a few choices in mind. We’ll start that as soon as I decide.

The pictures are of an evening a few nights ago when, once again, the “plan” went out the window. We’d had dinner, and they had bathed and even put jammies on. One of them went outside for some reason or another, and soon enough they all followed. At first, as is my nature, I stressed a bit that we were straying from my intended plan (get them in bed!!). My first reaction was to call them all in and regroup… and then I saw them playing together with faces full of sheer joy and I decided to change my plan. And thank God I did. It was wonderful. It was an especially lovely evening- warm, fresh air and no bugs (mysteriously). They laughed and played without ANY conflicts whatsoever. It was a little surreal for me! And I was reminded that sometimes it’s good to let go of what we have planned and let life happen freely. I’ve been reflecting on this a lot in other areas of my life lately, too. Perhaps another post about this later.

For now, I just thank our Father for these beautiful moments that often show up when we’re not looking for them. If I’m not careful, I can get in the way of letting them happen. We must always be perceptive – to notice and recieve God’s grace when He give it to us…on His schedule.

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