Reading to the kids…

I started to read Hatchet to the kids last week.  I am a little scared to say (there might be some literature police out there somewhere who I may greatly offend here) that, although it’s an award winner, it just didn’t fit my reading style for a read aloud. Also, I realized rather quickly that it would be discussing some content that I don’t care to deal with (messy divorce/infidelity).  I read to all the kids…4-year olds included!  So- we dropped that and I will be starting this one tomorrow. I hope it’s a better fit!

2 thoughts on “Reading to the kids…

  1. Great to see your blog Erin! Aaron started reading Hatchet to Esme because it was one of his favorites as a kid. When it’s bedtime, we usually read a few of her books and then read her a “no picture” book until she falls asleep. This was the first book we did that with. She seemed to only absorb so much which was good because I also thought it might be a bit too much for her. I recently went shopping and got some more appropriate books. We’re currently reading Emmy and the Incredibly Shrinking Rat. I’m looking forward to following your family’s adventures!


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