Decision is made…

I’m incredibly tired as I sit to write this…like nauseated-and-a-little-shaky tired.  I planned to quickly upload a few recent pictures and then sign off until tomorrow…but here I am typing.  This is how most of my updates begin! I’ll apologize now for any errors and for my brevity…you understand, right?  The cause of my exhaustion?? Late nights reading, thinking…PRAYING!!!  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been considering some big changes for our family, and, well, the decision has finally been made.  We are officially starting our first year of homeschooling next month! I won’t go into all the details of how difficult this decision has been for me- I would surely exhaust (and bore?) you too.  I’ll just say that I’m excited and sometimes terrified about this…but am letting go of my fears and trusting that this is where God is leading our family.  As our priest said so beautifully in his homily today, “If we don’t make an act of faith, and allow Jesus into our hearts, He cannot do his work in us.  He will never force Himself upon us…it must be by our invitation that He enters into our lives and our hearts.”  Another homily speaking poignantly to my situation, by the way.  God is so good!!

I’m sure my upcoming adventures with homeschooling will find their way into this blog.  Until then – I’ll leave you with some recent photos of our tiny sweet and manageable little garden and my sweet and sometimes unmanageable little kids;)

From this…

…to this-YUM!

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