On changing focus

( I wrote this post last Saturday but couldn’t finish it up until now because we were out of town.  A more current post to come soon…honest)

I sat down this morning and began to write about how I’ve been sick lately, and therefore pretty impatient, cranky and an overall failure on the mom-front.  It’s true, I’ve been tough to be around lately.  No one in my sweet family said any such thing to me, but they didn’t have to…I knew it well.  Anyway, after re-reading what I had started this morning it just didn’t feel right for posting at all.  Too depressing.  I’m just now feeling better and don’t feel like reviewing the details of the ordeal.  I can’t imagine you do either.  Honestly, I even wrote something in here about how a spoon didn’t land in the dishwasher the way I wanted it to and how I almost cried about it.  Who wants to read something like that?

So, I spent much of this day thinking about what I really should be writing about.  My time here behind this computer screen is rather limited (you’ve noticed my infrequent posts, yes?) and I want to spend it wisely.  When I started this blog not so long ago, I really felt it was to be done in service of God and His desires for me.  So I asked Him today, while scrubbing toilets and such, what it is He wants me to be sharing here in this space.  No thunderous words from Heaven came that I can report.  Just a feeling – a strong one, though –  that I need to focus on the gifts in my life…not my failings.  Ah yes, yes…Mercy.  It’s always there and always humbling.  God is so good.  Once that really took root in me, the gratitude came flooding in.  Yep…it feels much better this way.  So tonight I’ll share the little things in my life that I am truly grateful for these days.  And perhaps this will be a little whisper to you – a little reminder- that although the storms will come (and they always do)- that we have the power to change our focus from what is bringing us down, to what it is that lifts us up.

  I’m grateful for the good books we’ve been reading…

 For witnessing the creativity and silliness of kids  (It’s a dog treat on the remote control car.)

 The dog honestly loved this whole game.  So funny.

 For beautiful, shiny frogs and the joy they bring…

Family portraits carefully drawn on napkins…

The joy of simple things…

Dog love…

And people love (the best of all…)

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