Although we have a tiny, somewhat neglected little garden this year, it sure has been generous.  I’m amazed at what we can get from our little plot of dirt.

Today’s harvest. (We don’t get this much everyday, mind you. I haven’t pulled much out for a while- and these are the first beets I’ve ever grown. I’ll be growing them again next season!)

It took a while for our green bean plants to give us anything…now they are in abundance and look (and taste) wonderful.

A lone white beet among the rest.  Not sure why.


These little, unripe tomatoes are the casualties of our dog. Recently, he has developed a taste for tomatoes. He is very clumsy getting them off the vine (he is a dog, after all), and he unfortunately knocks many little green ones off too soon while doing so.  He also ends up with a sick stomache and wakes me up several times during the night for an emergency trip outside.  Two of the last three nights he has done this after eating tomatoes.  Needless to say, I’m not thrilled about his ventures into my garden.

Maybe I shouldn’t consider them casualties.  They might ripen…or maybe they’ll become fried green tomatoes?

From garden to plate.  I love our salads in the summer.  Vegetables from one’s own garden are much more exciting to eat.

These last two photos are, of, course, unrelated to my vegetables.  I included them because I like them, and because I love it when my older kids read to the smaller ones.  Especially when, like in this instance, they do it without me asking.

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