apple stamps (and other schoolish stuff)

This, I think, will be a post mostly done in pictures.  These days are long and very full and I’m playing catch-up with everything right now (including my sleep).  I want to spend more time here and put together something beautiful and thoughtful and interesting to share it all with you…just not tonight!  Maybe soon I’ll be all caught up and have the time to make a really swell post.  Maybe??

The twins are working on letter “A” right now.  We made some simple apple stamps and they had a ball.  We’ll be including some of their apple artwork in the “ABC” journals they are making.  The boys walked in as we were doing this project and loved it too.  I’m often surprised at how the simplest things can really capture them!

The girls are really loving schoolwork.  They want more than I’m prepared to give them sometimes!  It’s one of the things I’m trying to catch up on.


I made homemade popsicles from a batch of all natural gelatin that was supposed to have been a “jello” salad but turned out more like soup.  They made delicious (and pretty) popsicles and I plan to make them this way again.  Maybe not very soon, though.  There is a definite chill in the air lately.  Autumn really is upon us.

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