Shrewsbury Cakes

We’ve been studying Colonial life and early American history for the last few weeks.  I always knew I had a love of history, and being able to focus on one time period and really explore it has reinforced this for me and been a lot of fun (and the kids are learning, too…that is the point, I suppose!)  I really, really love learning about the founding of our country and the incredibly brave men and women who lived a life so different than the one we live today.  Their courage and foresight amazes me. I’m so grateful to be sharing it with my kids, and to be learning together about the implications of each individual effort.  It’s all rather amazing when you realize that the outcome for our country could’ve been very different had any one of the many small events gone just a tad differently.  It’s really just a testament, in my opinion, to God’s hand in it all, and that this country is blessed and is truly One Nation Under God.  I pray that we never forget it.

We’ve been using multiple resources as we learn: our textbooks, the Liberty’s Kids Series, and a lot of library books.  The recipe above was from one of those books.  It was a very simple recipe, and it was actually quite tasty, too!  The cookies were light and crispy and smelled amazing as they baked (I love the smell of nutmeg).

Oh, I also came across this series of audio CDs just the other day.  The first one we listened to was called Star-Spangled Stories and was a great addition to our curriculum.  I never cease to be amazed at all the resources available out there.

This is the book pictured above.  I thought it was a great extension of our learning and had several other fun (and realistic) projects in it.

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