Apple Cidering

This afternoon we took a “field trip” to a nearby park reserve to learn the skill of apple cidering.  It was a perfectly gorgeous day.  The weather was in the 70’s and the leaves are showing their amazing fall colors.  I couldn’t dream of a better day to spend outdoors.  We learned the hows and whys of making cider, and were reminded of the critical importance of bees in nature.  The instructor had the kids acting out the role of the bees pollinating the apple blossoms, and they really got into it.  He then proceeded to explain that apples are sweet to attract animals in order to get them to eat them and “discard” the seeds all over the place (in their poop, of course) to spread the apple tree population around.  He asked the kids to pretend that they were animals eating the apples and then asked them to spread out.  I thought he was about to ask them to act out the part where they “discard” the seeds.  Thankfully, he graciously skipped right through that part and moved right on to the seeds sprouting and growing into bountiful apple trees. Whew…  My kids would’ve thoroughly enjoyed acting out the pooping part had it gone that way, I’m sure, but I’m glad it did not.  I would’ve had a heck of a time getting them to focus once again after such a thing.

Anyway, we made the cider, drank it (it was really good) and then took a very beautiful, very relaxing trolley ride through the forest.  I tried to take some pictures, but was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t remember to take many.  All of the kids were quiet and very interested right up until the end (it was an hour long).  Taking a ride through a forest glowing in sunlight and fall colors on a beautiful day during one of my favorite seasons of the year (with well-behaved children to boot)…heaven!

p.s. Sorry I mentioned poop.

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