Keeping balanced…

We took the afternoon on Sunday to get out and savor the amazing scenery which is all around us right now.  It’s just beautiful outside lately…the nicest autumn I remember in a while.  We decided to try a little something new to our family…slacklining! It’s such a simple concept (balance and try not to fall off the line) but it was surprisingly fun – especially for the boys.  Actually, the girls loved it too.  Thinking back on it now, it really is a great metaphor for life, I think – specifically family life.  In order to make it across the line, we needed to work together.  You lend me a hand, I’ll give you mine.  We need each other in this way in our everyday family lives, too, don’t we?  We felt good when we made it across and when the others cheered us on. And we recognized, even if only internally, that we needed each other to succeed.  For us, this is a poignant reminder. Work together.  Keep it balanced. Root for each other.  Keep your eyes fixed on your ultimate destination.  Fall off? No big deal.  Brush off and get back up again.  It was heartwarming how the kids got really excited to assist one another and genuinely hoped for the others’ success.  This is the true nature of children, I propose.  Of us all?  Chris and I discussed this and are thinking a slackline in the backyard might be in order.

On the way out we spotted a baby snake and the kids snatched him (or her?) up immediately.  Everyone got their turn to hold and examine it.  Very little squeamishness (is that a word?) here.  Even the girls couldn’t get enough of the snake.  It was emitting a very foul odor as we held it.  Interesting, because I didn’t know snakes did this.  One of the slacklining guides informed us that it was a red-bellied garter snake.

Overall it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon together. Somehow I even managed to get Chris to step away from a very exciting edition of the Ryder Cup to hang with us.  This is big.  (Not the hanging out with us part, the not needing to watch every second of one of the biggest golf events of the year part.  Just felt the need to get that out there. He really does like hanging out with us. Really.)

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