Reading again…

Island of the blue Dolphins-1

I’m sorry to say that over the last few (bare-bones schooling) months, I haven’t done a read aloud with the kids. Well, two days ago we started again and are enjoying Island of the Blue Dolphins very much so far. I never read this as a child, but have always wanted to. We’re getting ready to study more about the Missions in California (we’re going there in a few days and will be visiting some), and I believe the sequel to this book, Zia, takes place in a Mission. Maybe we’ll be on to that book by the time we’re there.
Reading to the kids is one of my very favorite things to do. Sitting down and resting while doing so is just another perk I’m really enjoying lately too!

One thought on “Reading again…

  1. I just recently read this book for the first time. I saw it on a list of the best chapter books for kids and thought I’d try it. I loved it. I didn’t realize there was a sequel. I’m glad you’re enjoying it again. 🙂


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