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A little update for you on the homeschooling front…

We’ve started a new thing we are calling Science Fridays.  After months (and months and months…) of feeling like Science was getting less attention than it deserved in our school week, I decided to set aside Fridays to make it our main focus.  We also do some history and some more formal religion assignments on Fridays, too, in addition to any catch-up work from the week.  But I am so pleased, and feel a wonderful sense of relief with our new system.  Science is one of my favorite things to work on, and I couldn’t stand that it was often getting bumped for other subjects that seemed to take up too much of our day.  I’m actually somewhat proud of myself for making the change.  Often I can be pretty stubborn hang on to my initial plans for something for too long because I hate giving up and will try against all odds to make stuff work.  This is not a helpful quality to have – especially when one is a homeschooler or a parent in general.  I’m (slowly) catching on.

We purchased our first microscope and it is quite a hit.  The kids are trying to make slides of all sorts of things to look at; insects, leaves, hair, etc.  It is not the best quality microscope, however, so it takes a lot of patience and adjusting.  We did have a pretty good look at some onion cells, though, which is actually what we tried first.  I now have plans to save up for a better quality microscope, but this will do for the meantime.  Even if you are not doing school at home, you should consider getting one of these things just for the good old-fashioned fun they are.  My boys can stay busy for quite some time looking at stuff.

Landon is currently learning about the skeleton , so he and Hunter (who did this last year) worked together to assemble our new friend “Mr. Bones”.  Original name, I know.  It was good review for Hunter and he helped me by quizzing Landon on the different bones.  I appreciate it so much when they work well together.


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