Our year of change….


I can do all things in him who strengthens me. ~Philippians 4: 13

This is my new mantra, and I’ve been returning to these words frequently amidst all of the change that is happening in our lives right now.  What change, you ask? Oh right… I haven’t updated for a while.  Well, only the ongoing change and adjustments of homeschooling, preparing for a baby to arrive very soon, selling our home, moving in with my parents (God bless them!) for a few weeks, then moving into an apartment for 6 or so months while our new home is being built, and then the final move into our new place.  And a few other details in between that cannot be overlooked, especially the blessed and momentous occasion of the wedding of my sister (the twins are the flower girls-so fun) only 11 days after our little bundle of joy is to be born.

So, amid the craziness that has settled into our lives recently, I decided to take a moment and snap this ( slightly awkward) photo of myself and baby at 7 months.  These days are so full, and I don’t want to forget to capture what really matters, what I really am cherishing and want to remember forever.

And have I shown you this little treasure yet?

26 week ultrasound-1

My baby girl about a month ago.  I cannot wait to hold this little one, kiss her, snuggle with her.  It keeps me motivated to get done what I need to get done now, so that when she is finally here, I’ll have little left to do but look at her, soak her up, breathe her in, and maybe even get a little rest.

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