one and thirteen




Braedan read Gigi’s birthday cards 🙂



What a difference lighting makes! The cake above is shot in natural light (admittedly not enough), and the cake shots below are under incandescent lights. Same cake!




We celebrated two milestone birthdays in June. Gianna turned one, and Hunter thirteen. The first birthday is always momentous to me. I’ve thrown a party for each of the kids when they turned one. For me, it’s a concrete reminder that we must move on from the infant stage- whether I want to or not! I adore tiny babies! But even so – even though age one is a tiny bit bittersweet, I also am excited for what’s to come.  So many exciting things are happening when the second year begins! Gigi is picking up new words quickly. She says mama, dog, all done, ball, water, dada, hi, num num, and baby. I feel like I’m forgetting some of her words, but that’s most.  The other kids get truly excited when she says something they understand. Actually, we all get excited about pretty much anything Gigi does. She’s crawling up and down the stairs by herself (we are always close behind), she rolls (or throws) a ball to us, she gives kisses and hugs. She’s close to walking.

As usual, I cannot believe how quickly the first year of her life has gone. And then for Hunter to have turned thirteen is really something.  I clearly remember, when he was around one year old, trying to imagine him as a teenager.  It seemed so far away then.  Well, here we are with this truly precious young man who we are so proud of.  Hunter is such a generous and sweet boy.  He’s respectful and obedient and has a silly sense of humor. I can really count on him.  He’s into longboarding and has asked for a new board for the third year in a row! I didn’t mind fulfilling the request, because I’m all for activities that get them out of the house and burning energy. We celebrated just our family (no party), and with a little planning between myself and our waitress, we surprised him with his gift after dinner.  It was cute. She brought it out with his dessert saying, “So, who here ordered a side of long board with their birthday treat?” After a minute Hunter said quietly, “Um…I guess that might be me!”

My heart overflows…

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