clay camp


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A few weeks ago, the two older boys participated in a clay camp offered through a local park district. I admit that in the last two years of home schooling, I’ve let art slide. I’ve been hyper-concerned about getting a handle on the core subjects, and regrettably arts and crafts too often seemed to get pushed aside. This summer, I enrolled all of the kids in several art camps or classes of some kind. My mindset is shifting a bit (maybe a lot?) and I’m making a conscious effort to bring them back to the creative side of learning and living. They loved being at the potter’s wheel, and I loved watching them work carefully to make each piece just what they envisioned. Last night the park held a student art show, where the kids were encouraged to display one of their pieces. Both boys chose a bowl. Landon called his “Bumble Bee” and Hunter “Black Star”. Landon had a little extra twinkle in his eye this morning when he saw me enjoying my morning cup of coffee in the mug he made. Proud boys. Even prouder mama.

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