Good Things


Just a few short weeks ago, this winter felt like it would never end. The boys spent a lot of time snowboarding ( 2 – 3 times a week usually) and I never did get to go along. Chris usually took them, or they went with their good friends (who happen to have three boys nearly the same ages as ours!). The twins and Gigi and I had some quiet(er) time together which was really nice. The boys activities have a way of taking center stage sometimes as they get older and busier. I loved having our “girl” time.  Well anyway, it’s definitely the boys’ favorite thing about winter, and I sure am glad that they spent that time together. I kept telling myself maybe nex time I’ll go with- but as it goes, next time didn’t come and practically overnight the snow is gone and we’re moving into summer. Golf shoes have already been brought out, dusted off, and it’s determined that feet grow much too quickly around here!

I asked the boys to let me take some photos of them a couple of days ago as they waited to head off on their last snowboarding day this season. I’m so happy they were willing. I always intend to take pictures but don’t get to it much lately (a running theme in my life…) I know how fast they grow up, and someday soon this moment will seem to have been a very long time ago.

Gianna loves the snow! She often walked around the house saying “noman?” (snowman) hoping we would take her outside. All the kids loved bringing her out. She loved sledding, too, and we all knew what she wanted to do when she would point outside and say “wheeeee?” I just love toddler language, and especially how it can become like a secret code that only those closest can decipher.


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