Two years


With the exception of the first birthday, I’ve grown to appreciate a small and simple birthday celebration (some day you will thank me, kids! ) After years of trying to do it big and get everything “perfect” (read: stressful), I have realized the kids don’t really miss all of that (and neither do I).

And so it was for Gianna’s second birthday. I spent a little time in search of a good push toy for her, but all she ever wanted as we hopped from one store to the next was a ball. I thought I had found something perfect, only to watch her push right past it heading straight for the $2.99 ball bin. Trying to convince a two year old that she should choose the toy mommy thinks is fancier and more fun is a foolish move and will not yield the desired outcome. Wisely, I gave that up after 4 seconds and decided a pink rubber ball was perfect. She loves it.

We ended the day with cake, and I never want to forget the joy in little Gigi’s eyes as we lit her candles and sang the happy birthday song. Precious. You are a treasure, Gianna, and loved more than words can ever tell.

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