Garden beginnings



What started as a simple request to clear a path to the berries, has become the start of my future garden!  Although we have thousands of wild berries growing throughout our property, most of them have been difficult to get to (until now!) Stinging nettles and other wild and unruly plants had entangled themselves in the bramble bushes, making berry collecting a dangerous operation. But who could let all those lovely berries go unpicked? It’s one of our favorite summertime pleasures!

I hadn’t really decided where the future garden should go, but Chris knew it was on my mind. I may have mentioned it a couple (dozen) times. Once he started clearing the way to the berries it all just happened so quickly (he started on the lawn mower but ended up on the bobcat!)- and where the garden should go is now one less thing I need to decide. And it really is the perfect place. Never mind the problem of irrigation, or of how we will keep the wild critters from eating the garden before we can – we’ll figure that out somehow. For now, I’m just going to dream big and get my hands on some good gardening books. We have all summer to prepare for next season, when I hope we will be ready to put the first seedlings in the ground. Oh – the possibilities! I promise to update as I go (because I’m sure everyone is as excited about this garden as I am – right?)

Oh- and not to be forgotten, we carved out the beginning of the prayer garden I’ve been daydreaming about, too! I have big plans…

Future prayer garden:



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