Life Happening

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I recently heard a quote that describes the way I feel about life lately…The days are long, but the years are short. I don’t know the person who coined that phrase, but she sure was on to something. A lot has happened since I last updated here. I’m homeschooling Landon, Braedan and the twins, but Hunter returned to our parish school for 8th grade this year. He’s adjusted well, and I can’t believe that we just registered him for high school next year. The plan is for Landon to return for 8th grade next year too. I’m not sure yet about the others.

We recently returned from a week in Florida, and although we had a great time, the kids were happy to see the snow. The boys have been teaching the girls to snowboard, which is so sweet to watch. They have such patience for it.  They’ve also developed a pretty efficient system of getting each other up the hill using a homemade ski rope set-up and snowmobile. I love to see them working together- taking turns, etc- because these boys can be pretty competitive with each other and let’s just say they don’t always play nice. It’s been great for them to have a shared interest like snowboarding.

Gianna has gone from toddler to kid. I recently found out that the twins have been potty training her, and it’s going pretty well. I have a pretty laid-back approach to potty training, but I never would’ve thought to leave it up to the 7 year olds…They are so capable!

These days are so full. Sometimes, full of joy. Sometimes, hurt and heartache. Some days have all of that. It’s all part of this wonderful, messy life we’re living. And I’m so grateful and humbled by all of it.


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