Landon’s 13!


Thirteen years ago, this handsome young man came screaming into the world. And I do mean screaming, literally. Have I ever mentioned that my tender, laid back son was colicky for about the first five and a half months of his life? It’s a distant memory now (thank goodness!), but yes, Landon basically cried/screamed from the moment the doctor lifted him into the world, until he was nearly six months old. He was quiet when he slept or was nursing. And that is about it.  I remember standing near the kitchen sink with him- turning on the faucet to full blast and leaning in with him so he could hear it. Something about the sound of the water quieted him for a few moments. A few. We would also run the vacuum or the hairdryer for the same reason, desperately in need of a few moments of reprieve. My arms were bruised from swinging him endlessly in a carseat.  We received lots of opinions and advice at the time, all most of which was appreciated, but nothing seemed to work for Landon. He was a perfectly healthy baby. He was exclusively breast fed and never spit up. He slept through the night from pretty early on (If I remember correctly?).  His doctors and I could find absolutely no explanation for his crying.

He made me a better mother. He made me a better person in general.  I had the most intense bond with him, despite the daily challenge he presented to me. I experienced the powerful reality of loving fiercely while in the midst of trial and confusion. And more precisely, loving the very person who is the source of that trial. I think it made me love him even more. I was his advocate, first. An exhausted mother, second. I was defensive of his crying to those whom I felt were suggesting (even without words) that Landon was a burden to me. If you know someone who is struggling with their children, for any reason, I believe the best and most loving approach is to address the needs of the parent and not try to dissect the problems with the child (unless they ask for your opinion). Asking “How can I help?” is so much more comforting than “I think the problem is….” I just think that most parents want others to notice and affirm the goodness of their child, not their child’s faults. At least, that’s how I felt. Every baby, every person, is a blessing and nothing less.

We are continually blessed by Landon. He’s fun loving and has a great sense of humor. He makes me smile every day.

We went out for dinner as a family to celebrate his birthday. Landon was thrilled when one of his best friends unexpectedly showed up with his family, and we ended up sharing a meal and celebrating together.

Happy birthday, Landon David! You’re a gift to our family!

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