One step closer


The garden is coming along, slowly. We worked on it last night into the evening (and by that I mean I watched Chris move things around where I told him to), and I came inside thinking how exciting to be another step closer to the garden I’ve been dreaming about. We’ve been clearing piles of tree trunks and broken branches, but I continue to notice new ones that need to be taken out. Last year one of our huge maples cracked in a storm, and we had to call the professionals in to remove an enormous limb that was balancing precariously above a path we frequently use. We breathed a sigh of relief when that was taken care of, but were left with a lot to clean up. Thankfully Chris has acquired some pretty mad skillz on the Bobcat, or none of this would be possible.

Maybe you remember that this all started kind of suddenly last summer? Well, in all my excitement, I sort of forgot that in order to actually grow stuff, sunlight must be factored in to the equation. I’m just a teeny, tiny bit worried here, friends. We are currently lacking in this department. We’re planning to take down a few more trees and some low hanging branches, but I don’t know. Might not be enough. I fear my neighbors have witnessed me walking around looking like a fool, staring at the sky and tugging on branches several (dozen) times a day. I’m afraid it may come down to us having to remove some pretty massive maple trees in the end. If I cannot convince the husband go along…well I guess I’ll just start planning my expansive shade-loving perennial garden (hello hostas!).

Since the warm days of spring have arrived, schoolwork has been, um, reprioritized. We’re (I’m) sliding into a leeeettle bit of a bad habit of getting started later than we should. Because, you know, sometimes in the mornings I just run out to check on the sunlight (again) really quick, and maybe notice a couple weeds around the flowers on my way back in, and then all of a sudden the kids are like “Mom, what should we have for lunch?”  So I’m going to have to work on that because we still have a lot to do before we pull the curtain on this show.

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