Introducing the new girls…


I didn’t think we were ready for chickens, but things change fast around here. I’ve talked about having hens for a couple years, but didn’t have a coop or the extra time to give. Chris always wondered why I would really want more things to care for and clean up after (valid point), but what’s funny now is that he is getting attached to our new chicks already (he would never admit it). So, because chicks grow fast we are sort of on a time frame to get the coop finished (more on that soon, promise!), and so the garden is on hold indefinitely while I am busy refurbishing a shed I found on Craigslist into a coop. They’re only two weeks old, but they’re already outgrowing the little brooder we have set up in the sunroom. And they’re little pooping machines. They don’t smell (yet?) but it sure will be nice to move them into their proper home as soon as we can.

Of course, the kids are loving them. Gianna is pretty much crazy about them and holds them and sings to them. I overheard her singing “Hello little chickies…I’m sorry I covered you up in baby wipes and then you pooped on me. But I love you…goodnight.” True story. She makes up her own little sweet tune and sings whatever comes to her little mind. I thought we would take some time to get to know them and discover their personalities (chickens have personalities!) before we named them, but the kids were not going for this. Naming took place immediately. So let me introduce them:

Bernice (Golden-laced Wyandotte (she’s gonna be so pretty when she’s grown up!))DSC_1453

Gloria (Black Australorp)DSC_1467

Harriet (Black Australorp)DSC_1463

Goldie (Golden Buff- Red Star)DSC_1454

Alice (Golden Buff- Red Star)DSC_1459

Claudine (Ameraucana- Easter Egger)DSC_1461

Sylvia (Ameraucana- Easter Egger)DSC_1457

The last two should lay blue-green eggs. The others will be a shade of brown. Eggs are a long way off still, but we’re already excited about them! I can’t guarantee I won’t overdue it on the chicken/egg photos. I’ll try to reign it in-ha!

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