A Full 11th


We had a fun and busy weekend celebrating Braedan’s 11th birthday. We stayed overnight Saturday at my parents’ boat on the St. Croix River. The kids did some fishing, swimming, card playing and we took a beautiful afternoon cruise. We managed to squeeze in a trip to The Compassion Experience which was hosting an exhibit a few miles away from the marina. I’d highly recommend, but only for kids around age 8 and up.  Sunday morning, we went to Mass in Afton and before heading home later that day we stopped at Selma’s for a quick treat.

Monday, we spent the day at the Mall of America. Moose Mountain mini-golf is always a favorite (but not without a few minor arguments from this competitive bunch). The bulk of the day was spent on the rides.  It’s so much fun now that Gigi’s big enough for the little kid rides- and she loves them! We finished up with dinner at Tucci Benucch, where Braedan got to pick a birthday dessert from a very fancy platter. He told me he didn’t know what most of the things were that our waitress described, but he knew “apple pie” and “ice cream”, so he went with it. He was nice enough to share and it was amazing!

I can’t believe my sweet baby boy is now 11 years old and about to start middle school! Braedan, we are so proud of you and LOVE you more than you’ll ever know!

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