A fun weekend in Bemidji

We recently returned from a great little get-a-way up in Bemidji. Chris had a golf tournament there, so we decided to make it a family trip.



The boys spent much of their time atop this awesome iceberg at the resort.


We were fortunate enough to learn that our cabin was right next door to some friends of ours, and their kids and our kids had a great time together!


A highlight of this trip for me was visiting Itasca State Park and specifically the Mississippi headwaters. It’s beautiful and so peaceful in the park- and really hard to imagine that the mighty Mississippi starts with this little rolling stream that you can walk right across.


Here you see Lake Itasca in the background. The rocks that the kids are crossing are where the water from the lake flows over and the Mississippi river begins.


Our short hike through the forest started on this boardwalk right next to the headwaters.



After our hike, the kids jumped right into the water with clothes on. I wanted to join them! The water was the perfect temperature and so refreshing. If you ever make it there, bring a suit- it was the perfect little swimming spot.


This little butterfly really wanted to join our party! It kept landing on us and stayed around for quite a while.




Look closely- that little butterfly is still hanging on to Hunter’s arm!


On our last night at the resort, we rented a pontoon and took  beautiful cruise around lake Bemidji. The kids took turns driving the boat, and we got up close to a group of loons at one point which was especially fun for Chris, as they have always been his favorite bird.


On our way home, we made a little detour to stop in Nisswa for a visit to the Chocolate Ox and lunch at Raffertys.



The Totem Pole in Nisswa- a favorite stop for the kids. I remember loving this shop as a kid, too! The tradition continues!


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