This February has been full of fun stuff- including a short break from reality when temperatures hit record highs and it felt almost like summer.

Chris took Alexa and Maya to the Father/Daughter Valentines Dance.fatherdaughterdancechrisalexachrismayatwins

This is how Gigi felt about not going to the dance...

This is how Gigi felt about not going to the dance…(next year!)


We spent the long President’s Day weekend enjoying 60 degree weather. Chris decided to open Cedar Creek and so instead of heading up to Duluth for a few days of snowboarding as was planned, the boys found themselves both working and hitting balls at the golf course! Crazy! I was loving the warmth outside- but despite their ability to swing a golf club, the boys weren’t as thrilled about it. Not in February.

I took some of the kids to the park (in shorts!!)


Braeden celebrated his half birthday at school and received the sweetest card from one of his teachers:


Isn’t that the best card? I am so grateful for loving teachers!


We played some cards:


We went bowling, too! It was Gigi’s first time and at first she was actually scared to try. Once she did, though, she LOVED it! She would turn around to us every time with the most adorable expression and do a little jumping dance, and then turn back to watch her ball roll down the lane.


But the highlight of it all for me was looking over one night to see Hunter and Gigi playing “store” together.


I snapped these pictures on my phone before they noticed me so I wouldn’t ruin it. It was the cutest. Gigi was ordering from Hunter, “I need a ball, some new socks, rings, snacks, a hula hoop, a new puppy, lipstick, etc…” He made sure to ring everything in or she would notice “You missed that one!”  My heart was bursting.

The amazing February thaw didn’t last (boo hoo) and we’re back to freezing temps. I sometimes think I might have seasonal affective disorder, because when it warms up in the spring I’m always genuinely surprised at how happy it makes me. It’s a little like coming out of a funk I didn’t really know I was in. But it’s true that having some snow on the ground makes winter much more fun. If it’s going to be cold, then we might as well have snow to play on! We just missed a big snow storm,  which greatly disappointed the boys. March is upon us and we Minnesotans know how crazy that month can be- you can be sure the Sauer’s will be praying for snow!

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