Keeping up (trying to)

Braedan has been baking lots lately…no complaints here!

Braedans first pumpkin pie.

Hunter did this a lot when he was a toddler, too. The similarities between my oldest and youngest are way cool to me.

Loved this so much…

EEEK! My birthday present came! Can’t wait to watch this DVD Series!

I stepped outside this morning and heard birds singing- lots of them! Spring seems to be here for good this time. Hunter and Landon have started practice with their golf teams, which has meant more running around than usual in the afternoons for me. Yesterday Braedan and the girls spent two hours in the car after school with me while I dropped off Landon, stopped in to Riverwood for a quick look at construction progress, picked up food for everyone before getting Hunter from school to bring him back to Riverwood, and then finally home. They were pretty patient but really wanted to get home to play outside. Fortunately Landon will start taking the activity bus from school soon- so that will help. I’ve been keeping busier than usual between a major remodel project at Riverwood (which was struck by lightening last summer and had to be gutted completely, so that = the perfect chance to remodel), our own basement finishing project and the twins 9th birthday (pictures soon!) Chris and I attended the annual Bids4Kids fundraiser for the kids school on Saturday. We don’t get date nights often, so we were joking that night that it was our anniversary, Valentines and my birthday celebration all in one. I turned 40 last week.

In other news: Gigi has started talking in the third person. I can’t believe the twins are 9 -again more on that soon. Landon’s 14th birthday is around the corner, and Gigi’s FOURTH BIRTHDAY IS IN JUNE!!! Okay…slow down mama. I’m getting ahead.

Life just keeps on happening and all I can do is TRY to keep up.

It’s all good (so good!)


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