9 years

For the first time, the twins had a “friends” party for their birthday. We invited all of the girls in 3rd grade, and most of them were able to make it! Finding a location that can accommodate 24 plus kids stumped me for a bit- until I came across this adorable little ceramics painting studio called Color Me Mine. Space-wise it worked out perfectly, and best of all- I think the girls had a lot of fun!

My mom came to help me out with the party (thanks mom!!)

I made these pretzel “paintbrushes” over the course of three days while listening (fascinated) to the senate hearings on supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch. I will forever associate Justice Gorsuch with dipped pretzels.

Playing the Saran Wrap Ball game!

Finishing the night with a game of Hangman.

Donating gifts from the party to Sharing and Caring Hands.

It all went so well, and I was glad to get to know the girls in their classes a little better. What a bunch of great kids!

I can’t believe my twins are 9. Everyone says that about their kids growing but it’s really true that it all goes by way too fast. Okay, it didn’t feel fast when they were babies and we had 5 kids ages 6 and under…but now? Now I’m just trying to cherish the time.  I’m still humbled and amazed that they’re ours. I know I always will be.

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