everyday little stuff

I think I’m going to start using that title regularly because I’m terrible at coming up with titles for these posts and they usually are about pretty random “little” stuff anyway- so it’s fitting and also, it’s a little twist on the name of my blog- so there we go.

Hunter played and won the JV Section Championship with a score of 78! We’re so proud of him! This will be the first summer that we’ve registered the boys (Hunter and Landon) for MN PGA Junior Golf events- I’m excited for them both!

Gigi got ahold of my phone and figured out how to take pictures. She followed me around the house practicing her new skill. Look- mom putting away laundry! How exciting!

I’m a little heartbroken to report that a few days ago when I peeked into the nest of baby robins that we’ve been watching daily, I found it empty. I suspected something unfortunate might have happened when I didn’t notice mama robin flying back and forth as usual. I know they weren’t ready to fly, so I’m afraid their short little lives have already come to an end. I suspect a larger (meaner!) bird of some sort had something to do with it. They sure did make us happy for a couple of weeks.

Gigi and I have been taking lots of nature walks in our woods. This is such a great time of year- I’d have to say my favorite- because everything is fresh and new and bursting with life and color, but the mosquitos haven’t shown up yet! If I didn’t have anything else to do we would probably end up wandering around out there all day.

We went on a mushroom hunt.

Morel mushrooms- we’ve found a few beauties which will be making their way onto our kitchen table soon!

I love mossy logs. That’s all.

I looked up from my computer to witness this little encounter. Right after I took this picture Sylvia pecked at his nose and he had her off that porch in about .2 seconds. So, so funny.

This tiny red spider kept Gigi’s attention for some time.

Can you see that tiny little bug she’s pointing at?? Nope- I couldn’t either.

We have a pretty big pile of scrap lumber from our basement project. It’s been a good excuse for having lots of bonfires!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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